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Hemp Chocolate Espresso Martinis

With Valentines day round the corner, we've found the best recipe to spice up the big day (courtesy of Sainsbury's magazine). Our chocolate orange bar works an absolute treat!

You will need:

1 x 75g hemp chocolate bar (orange is so tasty)

Hand full of ice cubes

100ml espresso or instant if thats all you have (decaf also works!)

100ml Kahlua or alternative coffee liqueur

150ml vodka

Start by melting the chocolate in a bain marie or microwave. Stir every 30 seconds until melted and silky. Set to the side until a little cool.

Next dip four Martini glasses (or similar fancy glasses) into the melted chocolate and then stand up right - allow the choc to drip into the glass and wipe off any drips on the outside. Put the glasses in a freezer for 10 mins to solidify the chocolate.

Finally add the ice cubes and booze into a cocktail shaker, mix and do the fancy mixology shaking that all cocktails deserve, strain into the glasses and enjoy! Such a simple recipe and so delicious. As you drink your cocktail you'll find the chocolate flavours seep in.

Full credit to Sainsburys magazine for this recipe!

Big Love


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