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Vegan Carrot & Turmeric cake

Have your cake and eat it!

It's the last day of Veganuary and what better way to celebrate than with a yummy cake?? According to official Veganuary stats for 2016, 63% of those who took part were still vegan 6 months later! Either way this cake is a sure fire winner, vegan or carnivore. Turmeric has been in the news loads recently as its an incredible anti inflammatory so why the hell not add it to all your dishes?? It's especially effective when used with black pepper so we got ya sorted here...

You will need:

Dry mix:

200g Organic raw shelled hemp seeds

120g Organic hemp flour

120g Organic wholemeal spelt flour

120g Organic white spelt flour

150g Organic unrefined sugar

15 grams Organic turmeric powder

1 pinch of salt & black pepper

1 tea spoon of Organic cinnamon (ground)

1 tea spoon Organic nutmeg (ground)

250g Organic carrots (grated)

1 Large Organic banana (mushed)

100g Organic raisins

Liquid Mix:

250ml tepid water

250ml Organic vegetable oil

Start by turning your oven to 160c and lining a small baking tray approx - 20cm x 15cm with parchment paper.

Next mix all the dry ingredients in a large bowl, then slowly pour the liquid mix while constantly stirring the entire mix. Once mixture is fully combined, pour into your baking tray and smooth down into all corners. Now whack it in the oven for approx 45 -60 mins depending on your oven. Check half way through, you want the cake to be slightly golden brown on top. Once its out, place on a cooling rack and get making a yummy vegan icing for the top!

For this you will need:

1 x tin of coconut milk (cooled and not shaken- you dont want the separated water!)

100g Organic Icing sugar

Using an electric whisk, cream the coconut milk until creamy and smooth and then slowly whisk in the icing sugar, making sure there are no lumps (obvs) you can also add vanilla essence, seeds etc for extra flavour, or even more cinnamon!

Once the cake has cooled, you can apply the frosting and eat, eat EAT! Its pretty guilt free and full of nutty hemp seeds & flour! Big love y'all - send us pics of your cakes!


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