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Lentil Potential.

I grew up as a vegetarian in an all meat household and luckily I had a very supportive Mum who tried to make up recipes that the whole family could still enjoy. Lentil Bolognaise was one of the rare ones that had no complaints from my canavoirous brother. Here I have reinvented it as 'Lentil Ragu' , made with our sundried tomato vegan pesto.


2 cloves of garlic

1/2 an onion

Green Lentils

Chopped tomatoes

1 Carrot

1/2 pot of Themptation Red Pesto available from our markets.

Salt, Pepper, Oregano, Basil

Balsamic Vinegar.

To make the ragu fry the garlic and onion untill they are soft and golden.

Add the carrots, Tomatoes, balsamic vinegar dash and simmer for around ten minutes.

Add the cooked green lentils, a splash of water and stir in the red pesto, herbs, salt and pepper.

Sim simmerrr again for another ten minutes.

Ready to Eat!! Serve with pasta to really pretend its a bolognaise.

MMM..Meatfree Monday Motivation.

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