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We are pretty obsessed with seasons, as you may already know, but it is really important to be aware of where food comes from and understanding what grows when is a good place to get started!

...This salad is spring inspired and is a very quick and easyyy way to have tasty, healthy, hempy lunchboxes on a budget.

Bulgar Wheat

Sping Peas

50g Shelled Hempseeds

Sheeps Milk Feta Cheese

1/2 a fresh lime.

Olive oil, Hemp Oil


Fresh Mint Springs

Boil up your bulgar wheat with water and salt untill it is soft but firm.

At the same time, steam up your peas.

Then let them both cool down a bit.

Simply stir them together, with feta, lime juice, salt, pepper and dress with a glug of hemp and olive oil.

I like to mix in hemp seeds too!


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