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Mothers Day Delights!

At Themptation HQ we have been debating the perfect Mothers Day treat. We deciced sometimes it is best to keep things classic... with a hempy twist ofcourse!

The Rhubarb Crumble is the ultimate crumble and perhaps more importantly British Rhubarb is currently in season. We have added hemp to both the fruit and the crumble topping... yummm!


400g of British (preferably organic) Rhubarb

50g Themptation Shelled Hemp Seeds

4-8 Tablespoons of water

400g soft brown Cane Sugar

225g Butter

200g spelt flour

Oats and more hemp seeds for sprinkling!

1. Gently simmer the chopped rhubarb, hemp seeds, 200gs of sugar and water in a pan untill the rhubarb is softened, be careful to add the water slowly untill the rhubarb is soft but still has shape and texture. Then take off the heat and layer into your desired oven-proof crumble dish. (We used miniture ramekins) .

2. Now mix together the remaining sugar, butter, flour, oats and extra hemp seeds. Work through with your fingers untill it is nice and crumbly! Evenly top this over your rhubarb layer... we like to sprinkle extra seeds on top for a nutty flavour and texture.

3. Bake for 20-35 minutes at 180 in a preheated oven or untill the top looks golden brown.

4. Take out the oven, let it cool and then EAT!!

p.s remember to give your mum the first portion.

This crumble contains gluten and dairy.

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