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Hemp Milk - The Best Milk

So we get asked a lot how to make hemp milk and the answer is very very simple! All you need is raw hemp seeds (shelled is best but you can use whole seeds) and water. Its also a lot cheaper than shop bought!

Great as a dairy alternative in cereals and hot drinks, you can also use this as your base liquid in smoothies!

Once made, you can store your hemp milk in the fridge for up to one week - just give it a good old shake.

You will need a blender, we have used our nutribullet for this recipe as it makes one whole bullets worth but any food processor will do.

Equipment - A blender and a square of muslin or even a clean tea towel.


50g Themptation raw shelled hemp seeds

650ml water

Blend the whole lot for several minutes - you will notice the water goes milky white almost immediately. Now you can strain the solids out using the muslin or tea towel.

Depending on what you wish to do with your hemp milk, you dont need to strain the solids as theres still plenty of hempy goodness! If your using for porridge, muesli and other cereals just use the whole lot!



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