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Hempy Pancake Day!

Hi there,

This morning we have been celebrating pancake day by making Hemp Protein Pancakes, a great way to have a protein rich meal whilst indulging in pancake mania!

It is a very simple recipe...

For 5 medium sized Hemp Protein Pancakes.

100g flour (today we used spelt, however this can be altered depending on your personal preference)

200ml milk (hemp milk can also be used)

2 eggs

15 grams of Themptation protein powder.

First of all beat the eggs and then add the milk, whisk until they are completely blended.

Next, sieve the flour and hemp protein powder into the mixture (to avoid any lumps) and mix untill the batter is smooth.

Now, heat some butter in a frying pan for a minute or two until it is pretty hot, pour in some mixture and flip when the under side has gone a light brown.

We stacked ours with layers of raspberries, strawberries and then topped them with shelled hemp seeds and maple syrup. However you can choose whatever you like!


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