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We are so delighted to announce the launch of our first ever Non food item! We're now stocking the fabulous Hemp Eyewear sunglasses in 4 styles! 


These can also be made with prescription lenses, contact us for more info!


The world’s First hemp fibre eyewear.


Hemp Eyewear has developed sustainable, leading- edge technologies and combined them with traditional methods of craftsmanship to produce innovative, forward-thinking eyewear.


By using one of the most renewable, eco-friendly and diverse resources on Earth, our vision is to promote hemp as a sustainable material for the future.

Every frame is handcrafted in our Edinburgh workshop with expertly engineered components.


Creating a sustainable future


Reducing the use of plastics in the fashion industry is the brand mission as they cause irreversible damage to our planet through climate change and global pollution.



  • Warranty

    All products are covered by a warranty for a period of two years from date of receipt. Please contact us, and we will then contact the manufacturer for you.

    This warranty covers the repair or replacement for any faults or damage to the product which are due to defects in the material or the workmanship and remain at our discretion.

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