Introducing our new range of luxury bean to bar CBD chocolate truffles...


Hand rolled, deliciously gooey vegan CBD infused chocolate truffles! Each truffle contains 10mg of our broad spectrum CBD oil and they taste AMAZING!


We only use our own  Organic chocolate in these, with no nasties and no refined sugars. These come in boxes of four - single flavour. They must be refridgerated with a guaranteed shelf life of three weeks delivered.


Flavours are:


  • COCO MYLK rolled in cacao powder
  • 75% DARK rolled in raspberry powder




Coco MYLK - Chocolate 50% (cacao nibs, cacao butter, coconut sugar, coconut milk powder), Coconut milk 49%, raw cacao powder, CBD oil (10mg).


Dark truffles - Dark Chocolate 74% (Cocoa nibs, sugar, cocoa butter), coconut milk, raw cacao, CBD oil (10mg).



Allergens - None. (we cannot guarantee contaimination of ingredients from our suppliers)  Vegan, Nut free, Gluten free.


Packaging - truffles are sealed in a natural 100% compostable wrapper, and in a fancy box.