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4% Organic CBD oil - These organic hemp drops are completely raw and natural. Made from CO2 extracted organic hemp extract and organic cold pressed hemp seed oil. CBD oil is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory which can help keep your body fighting fit!


Unavailable to customers in Northern Ireland.




These drops not only have a higher bioavailability due to being 100% natural, but in addition to natural CBD and CBDA, they also contain all the important ingredients of a healthy hemp plant.



All our CBD products are subject to strict quality controls and were additionally tested by the patient association Arge-Canna in an independent laboratory and certified with the “AC Drop”.


  •  Highest organic quality
  •  High bioavailability
  •  No artificial additives
  •  100% Vegan



Nutritional information per 10ml:

Calories: 343 kj/ 84 kcal
Fat: 9260 mg
Omega-3: 200 mg
Omega-6: 770 mg
Vitamin E: 15 mg

As a natural product, the ingredients can be subject to natural variations.


Please note our CBD oil is a non returnable/refundable item as we consider it a perishable. Get in touch if you have any questions prior to purchase.



 Shake well before use.
 Store at room temperature.
 Keep out of reach of children.
 We only dilute our extracts with a very small amount of hemp seed oil. This makes the consistency of the drops somewhat thicker and the taste more intense while also increasing the quality of the drops. As our CBD is made from Organic natural ingredients, its thickness may vary from batch to batch - if you find it's too thick, simply warm in your hands for 5 minutes before use.


Please note: CBD oil is a food supplement and should not be taken as a medicine. Always consult your doctor if you are pregnant, lactating or before stopping any medication, even if our CBD oil has improved symptoms. We are always happy to answer your questions too!


TAX NOTE: CBD oil has 20% VAT included in the price, Wix does not currently allow us to add tax to single products, therefore if you wish a VAT invoice, please ask. Many thanks.


**PLEASE NOTE** As per FSA guidelines, CBD products should only be consumed by adults. Do not consume if pregnant, lactating or on medication. Always seek the advice of a medical professional. Do not consume more than 70mg a day.

4% Organic CBD oil 400mg

  • Ingredients: 

    Hemp seed oil: ~ 55%
    Hemp extract: ~ 45%

    CBD/CBDA: 384mg
    THC: < 0,2%
    CBD, CBN, CBG: ~ 0,02 %

    Other ingredients: terpenes, minerals, flavonoids.

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