April 18, 2016




We like to make as many of our recipes vegan as possible, as hemp is such a good food source for people with a non meat or dairy diet. It can be tricky to find vegan snacks easily if out and about and feeling peckish!


We have recently experimented lots with differen...

April 15, 2016




Happy, happy friday everybody!


Our dip of the week is Baba ghanoush.


A particular favourite at the Hemp HQ and also great with burgers, salads or served slightly warm with a rice dish.. the possibilities are vast!




2 aubergines

2 garlic cloves

lemon ju...

April 9, 2016

It's nice to be able to enjoy the odd sweet treat and not feel guilty! Especially at the WEEKEND!


We made this vegan hemp seed chocolate spread on toast ... perfect for homemade brunch or with a coffee.


Its a very simple and fast recipe....


You will need...


200g of our...

April 8, 2016




Spring/Summer eating thrives off small plates, BBQ and picnic nibbles!


Ofcourse we are here to hemp them up!


We make this guacamole with hemp seeds, for a real protein rich dip.  It also gives it even more flavour. 

Everyone seems to have their own idea of how t...

April 6, 2016




This is possibly my favourite soup ever! So tasty and incredibly easy to make - This is going to be one of the shortest recipes we ever do!


Ive recently decided to try being vegan and lack of protein is a big worry - the shelled hemp seeds and lentils are packed ful...

April 4, 2016




so after a great trip to the big apple, I arrived back with a need for a serious meat detox! These delicious hemp burgers are the perfect meat free meal packed full of protein and hemp goodness. Cook these in a heavy pan, in the oven or even on the BBQ.




March 21, 2016

I grew up as a vegetarian in an all meat household and luckily I had a very supportive Mum who tried to make up recipes that the whole family could still enjoy. Lentil Bolognaise was one of the rare ones that had no complaints from my canavoirous brother.  Here I have...

March 20, 2016

 It's a sunday and the wetherspoons sunday club is now fully closed... so I decided the home cooked sunday roast needs a bit of a lift.


Roasted Cauliflower is delicious as it is but here is a quick way to spice it up a little bit. The flavour might...

March 16, 2016

We are pretty obsessed with seasons, as you may already know, but it is really important to be aware of where food comes from and understanding what grows when is a good place to get started! 

...This salad is spring inspired and is a very quick and easyyy way to have t...

March 11, 2016

Hemp porridge can be so much more than a breakfast treat! In this recipe weve repurposed our original seed hemp porridge as the crunchy crust to baked aubergine slices. Seriously delicious, seriously crunchy, seriously veggie!


Most of this recipe is prep, once its done...

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